BIM – Who knew 3D could be used for something other than movies…


Walking into this lecture, there was something strange going on.  At first I thought that the speakers that we had in our presence today were some kind of celebrity BIM talkers, because on one side of the room was a crew setting up sound and a camera to tape the talk, and at the front of the room was our lecturer Julie attempting to take selfies with the speakers. So you can’t blame me that I was feeling a bit perplexed. But Julie went on to explain that UTS were taping the rest of our speakers for some reason that I forget now. It still doesn’t explain the selfies.

Anyways, lets move onto the escalating phenomenon that is BIM technology, and to explain it to us we had Fawzi Soliman a BIM Manager and Ryan Hanlen a Senior Technichal Consultant, and who are both lectures at UTS.

To understand what was talked about during this lecture, we first need to gain an understanding of what BIM is. Please refer to the video below.

What I took out of this lecture, was that BIM allows for better decision making, better construction planning and more accurate performance predictions and cost estimates. The ability easily adjust all aspects of the project on the go in an integrated digital environment gives architects, builders, engineers, and owners a clearer overall vision of their projects. BIM has been seen as a massive improvement in technological innovation in the construction and property sectors, as it promotes the move towards waste reduction and increased efficiency in the building design and construction.

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Augmented Reality

An aspect of BIM that both Fawzi and Ryan touched on was that of Augmented Reality. This kind of technology can be seen as a massive step in the right direction because now the maintenance side of all buildings can become more efficient and less time consuming. It can be as easy as pointing your iPhone at a the ground or at the wall, and a special app uses the camera to identify the mysteries hidden behind it. Cool stuff..

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Overall Thoughts

Out of all the innovative IT systems that we have heard about so far, BIM technology, in my personal opinion, is the most innovative. The ability to make a 3D model of the building including everything within it is revolutionary and will be a massive part of both the property and construction industries going into the future.

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